Friday, October 27th, 2000 GG No updates

I'm updating, I'm gay, yadayaddayadda.

Welcome offy and ildon and I like pizza.

Sunday, July 23th, 2000 GG MC

We played Mercenaries [MC] on Dune1 last night in STA 6on6.... it was a great game although we were in no way organized in terms of guys that knew the map that well ..but our previous experience in beating TN on this map helped a lot ...Round1 was on mf's server, nice pings for everyone... our D was BlueMeanie as Piper (his first time ever piping in a match), C-3PO as engy, and Crackhead sniping....On O was mastapimp, SomeGuy, and Virus owning it up ;)

Round1, MC didn't manage to det all our shit until about 25 minutes or so while we got all their shit down within 15...this payed off as we kept charging the roof and water, and capped the flag 4 times....MC never got the flag out of our RR i think =\ ...round1 ended 4-0 Apostrophe...

Round2 was on MC's Wargrounds server and gave some nice pings to everyone ...only roster change was Carbon83 on O instead of Virus who had to go out ...we did the same thing for O and D, MC took a long time to det our shit, they also tried to mimmic our D setup with an added roof soldier and it helped them a bit, but we still capped 2 more times, they didn't cap at all...round 2 ended 2-0 in favor of `

` beats [MC] 6-0 on dune1...GG MC!

Thursday, July 13th, 2000 Page update

OMG, I actually did something to the page. Well, Shock wanted a better link to the demos page, so he made some new graphics for links on the left over there. But, I couldn't crop them that well, and mastapimp promised me great new graphics, so I held off on shock's. Well, masta finally came through with new graphics, and there they are. What do apostrophe members have to say about the new look? Let's find out!

<aWG> that's like the gayest apostrophe i've seen
<mastapimp`> it's blood ;)
<mastapimp`> idiot
And there you have it - the update was a smashing success, and the apostrophe guild is a loving family, as usual.

In other news, recruiting is now closed, and welcome Tiepilot to apostrophe. He's in -Z- and is current an [mfr].

I'm looking for information on apostrophe matches that aren't up on the matches page. I was really busy *coughfratpartiesahemcough* most of the saturdays this year, and I have no match information for that time. If anyone can fill me in, with the date of the match, opponent, score, and map that'd be great. Demos and screenshots welcome as well.
Just send me an email

Sunday, July 9th, 2000 Happy 9th of July!

Apostrophe played TN for the 6on6 title, and managed to pull off a win against them on good old Dune1. R1 was on our server, and we threw out a pretty strong D, with unbelievable piping from C4rbon83, and strong RR D from Fancy. Our spies on O (Virus) managed to pull some unbelievable caps, while TN simply couldn't keep up, the score ended 5-1.

R2 their server, we dread their server, growl. They had their usual -10 pings and us with our +200/10, but we strengthened our D with Keelah sniping, and wrath keeping his gun up as much as possible. We had a small O, Mastapimp and Nan, who managed to pull out 2 caps, keeping us ahead as TN pummeled us 5-2. GG TN.

Also tonight we played dow on Thatmapwithquad, and won with a hefty score. DoW didn't appreciate the map, and asked for another, so we played them on H4rdcore, and won by a cap, GG DoW.

In other news, welcome Someguy, also, we booted ScorpinoX, and some other people who I don't remember, who I could care less about. We are still TC!

Friday, June 23rd, 2000 Wow an update

Wow, an update.
We decided to join this new Hogtek league that popped out recently, 10v10, monday nights.

We are doing a bit of recruiting, so if you are dedicated and can show up for Monday matches, and Saturday matches, contact me. Welcome Shield, Meowmix, Deion, Scorp, and someone else who I forgot.

Monday, May 1st, 2000 GG DoW


` vs DoW --r1--

Their server - I LOVE THEIR SERVER. Great pings all around, no real lag anywhere. I sat myself and put a pretty good lineup out there, Puff, Carb, and Bong on D, Inc, Nan, and someone else on O. (I forgot, sorry)
This round was fun. Their O was vicious, but couldn't seem to be consistant enough to pull the flag out further then our RR, save for two times. Our O on the other hand grouped, and pulled a few caps out early on, ending the round 4-2.

R2 - Intel midwest -
Okay pings for all, I tried a different lineup, Carbon piping, Shock soldier, and Mp as engy (heh). The O I put Crap and two -Z- scouts, Nan and myself. We grouped very well, but their D was extra strong this round, and we only could pull 1 cap, where they had similar problems on O, and didn't pull any, ending the round 1-0. GG DOW.


Sunday, April 16th, 2000 GG Resnet

Added a demos section. leet.

Saturday, April 15th, 2000 GG [n]

Apostrophe vs [n]
R1, Mf1.

Good pings all around, save for a few on [n]'s team. We used probably our strongest D available, which proved useful as we bashed them 9-1 with out much of a problem.

R2, after they tried to get us to play on some cable server, and a server with retarded gravity, we managed to play on a somewhat decent one. The map was 2f5, pings were even. One of our players had a ping problem, so I subbed for him. I tossed a conc at one of their soldiers on the bridge, whom soon afterwards muttered "lame." and left the server. Another one of their players left prior to that encounter, so it was 6-4 for much of the match. We decided to have a little fun, and go all O, or just play downright goofy. [n] did likewise, and the round ended 6-0.

Gg [n].

Wednesday, April 12th, 2000 3 New Members

Apostrophe proudly welcomes 3 new members:

Virus, who's soldier skills go mostly unpeered, Incarnator, who's skills are that of to envy, and Dobs, who sucks at pretty much everything. :)

Saturday, April 9th, 2000 GG Djedi

Apostrophe vs Jetnet/Djedi?, STA 6on6.

I don't have a good write up for r1 because my sister dumped her boyfriend in his car 30 miles from our home, and he dumped her out of his car, so I had to pick her up.

R2 was on Icebox, their leader lied and said they had horrible pings there, even though they mainly had sub 100 pings. They chased, we didn't, we got caps, they didn't. We won 2-1.

Gg Djedi, or was it Jetnet? Oh well.

Thursday, April 6th, 2000 usuc

Random update.

Well, it's been many weeks since there's been an update, so here it is: Inc joins, Pec leaves.

Sunday, Febuary 20th, 2000 GG Jetnet

Apostrophe vs Jetnet, STA 6on6.

We knew from the start this would be a pretty even match, as we have played with their members before. From the start, we were pretty much even. Round 1 ended with ` up by a cap, 6-5.
Round 2 went a bit differently, as Apostrophe seemed to break their D so badly, that Jetnet never actually was able to settle in with a strong D. The final score of r2 was 5-3.

Gg Jetnet, no we don't use ringers, and yes, aliases are allowed. :o

Sunday, Febuary 6th, 2000 GG Wu

Apostrophe/Wu (13 - 2)

We beat wu.

I forgot much of that match, and I will write a "real" update next week. ;)

Monday, January 17th, 2000 GG No one

Well we were supposed to play DMX for STA 6on6 this Saturday, but they only had 1 member online, so we won by default. So lame. : (

In other news, I check out these guys porting TF to Q3.
More updates when something happens. ;)


Saturday, December 11th, 1999 Bye Sordid

Sordid leaves `.

We currently have 2 openings in our roster. We're looking for lpb engies or scouts if at all possible, but most importantly people who like to have fun and can show up for matches/scrimmages. Drop by #apostrophe on and talk to Meridian (he's the one who talks with perfect punctuation and spelling).

In other news, I like Katie Holmes. Have a nice night.


Saturday, December 11th, 1999 Match vs Swoll, 12-11 Loss

Round 1: Icebox
We knew we were in for a fun game just by the looks of their tag. Swoll was about to play their first STA 6on6 match, and so were we. Things started off pretty evenly, a few caps on both sides, due to D trouble. Then both teams settled in and played it through. Thanks to brilliant scout work by Awg, Nan, and Puff, we pulled out several more caps. Unfortunately, Swoll had a few allstars of their own, and matched us the entire round, ending it 7 - 7.

Round 2: I'm12's Jungle gym.
Pings were fine for both teams, all but Apostrophe's Engy, Pecan, who seemed to teleport from place to place due to his packetloss. Again, both teams pulled a quick cap, and almost everything was the same other then the fact that Swoll had some brilliant Engineer work by Jackrabbit, which our teleporting friend Pecan was unable to peer. In the last few minutes they were up by 1, and we had managed to get their flag to mid BM, but alas, we couldn't pull that tying cap, and it ended in a total of 12 - 11 for Swoll. Gg all..


Thursday, December 9th, 1999 Welcome Spawn! Bye Shock

Welcome Spawn from Det 5.

Shock leaves `.

I got a job at Putnam. It's gay, but it pays well and it's only for this month. Then I go back to school which will suck only slightly less.

Sunday, December 5th, 1999 Welcome Nan! Crap is not gay

Welcome Nan from Ht. Recruiting is now closed!

Crap would like to inform you that, regardless of what crono may or may not tell you, he is in fact not gay. Furthermore, he does not plan on becoming gay in the foreseeable future.
This has been a public service announcement, sponsored by Crap.

Saturday, December 4th, 1999 Welcome Shock and Crap/Wn Scrimmage

Welcome Shock from Clan IcE to Apostrophe.
Now we're really leet! (shock made me say that)

We played a quick scrimmage vs Wn tonite on 2fort5r and won.
Round 1 was on Icebox, with ` sporting a ping advantage and each team fielding 10 players. Wn's team consisted of about half Wn and half ringers - but it's was a scrimmage so whatever. Yadda Yadda, our D held strong, barely allowed any touches, and our O pulled out 3 caps. A 4th cap was on the bridge when time ran out. : ( oh well.
Round 2 we decided 10on10 was a bit much, so we fielded 8 each. Puff sniped it up, and ended up on top with about 180 frags. :o Wn had some communication problems as most of their team wasn't even Wn. Needless to say we pulled out the victory: 7-0 in round 2. Final score: 10-0 ` over Wn and some random guys. GG Wn and random guys!

Also, welcome Crap, also from IcE.


Friday, December 3rd, 1999 Scrimmage vs Ons

Well, we had our first scrimmage, against none other then Onslaught. Started out rather even, then the fact that we were ` kicked in, and we pulled a cap. Round 2, their server, lag, lag, and perhaps lag, except for Funtsy and Trig. aWG must have touched their flag about 70 times, and I joined about halfway thru, due to me eating. :) We pulled 5 caps, while Ons pulled out 2. Gg Ons.


Thursday, December 2nd, 1999 Welcome Sarevan

Welcome Sarevan from The Nothing to Apostrophe.
Some minor site updates and the addition of a forum.
Scrimmage vs Onslaught on 2fort5r tonite at 9 PM EST. Be there!


Wednesday, December 1st, 1999 Founded

Guild Apostrophe was founded 2 days ago by Meridian, out of the ashes of guild a7.
Although we're new - recruitement is currently invite only, as the roster is already rather full.
We've joined the STA 6on6 League and begine matches next week.
Site is just starting, comments and corrections are welcome.